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Mindfulness therapy for special need children

We at ChetnaMindfulness provide therapy in various capacities including Mindfulness based therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, play therapy and Art therapy with the special need children, family therapy with the entire family or just one parent, as well as co-parenting sessions to support the parents at home with their child.


As special need children grow, they face many challenges and stressful situations as a typical part of their daily lives. They often have a difficult time comprehending the nuances of their social environment. Adding that to the frustration of not understanding the emotions they are feeling, expressing

can lead to maladaptive behaviours and actions. For parents, it can be difficult to determine if what our child is going through is a normal part of childhood or a bigger problem.

Unable to effectively communicate what they are feeling, we will see kids acting out emotions with tantrums, complaining of unexplained pains(which hardly they can figure out and communicate), becoming excessively worried or experiencing irrational fears, meltdowns, emotional outbursts, violent behaviour, self-injuries, etc . As parents, efforts to soothe a child in distress can seem difficult and we can become easily overwhelmed and frustrated, unfortunately adding to an already stressful situation.


         * Anxiety/Stress
         * Sadness/Depressed Mood
         * Excessive Fears & Worry
         * Impulsive Behaviours
         * Poor Grades/School Problems
         * Social Issues/Bullying
         * Traumatic Experiences
         * Attention Deficit
         * Grief/Loss of Loved One
         * Parent/Child Relationship Issues
         * Regressed Behaviours
         * Self-Injurious Behaviours
         * Separation/Divorce of Parents
         * Meltdowns
         * Emotional outbursts
         * Aggression/violent behaviour
         * Self-injury
         * Hyperactivity
         * Inattention
         * Teenage issues


At times like these, it can be extremely helpful to get the counsel of a trained therapist who can help both you and your child, find solutions to understand and overcome the problematic behaviours and emotional blocks. Many of the problems that children come to therapy for are school problems; peer relationships; attention and focus problems; grief/loss; separation of parents; traumatic loss or experience; acting out behaviours; depression and anxiety. therapy for children, can be a powerful way to get unstuck, develop improved coping skills for depression and anxiety, process emotional blocks; develop social skills; and develop better communication and relationship between parent and child. Since children are resilient, therapy can help ensure that interruptions in childhood development do not become life-long obstacles.


Our therapist work collaboratively with parents from the initial assessment and throughout the course of treatment for your child. For this reason, the therapist will meet with the parents first to gather background information, and then the child for an initial assessment. Depending on the needs of the child and family, the therapist will determine what intervention to use in working with your child.

Interventions may vary from mindfulness based therapy, art therapy, play therapy with the child, family therapy with the entire family or just one parent, as well as co-parenting sessions to support the parents at home with their child.Psychotherapy for children looks and sounds different than with adolescents and adults. The therapist works through play, art, mindfulness tools, relaxation exercises to help children communicate about their internal world and make sense of complicated emotions and experiences. Mindfulness tools, Play and art therapy help kids to express their feelings and find validation, support and tools for managing confusing emotions, difficult problems, and overcoming sadness and loss and it also helps in self regulation.

Use the link for an Apointment request, after which we will send you the details through email.