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Relationship Therapy at ChetnaMindfulness

At ChetnaMindfulness, we provide relationship counseling for individuals, couples, and families.


Sometimes, we have experience unhappiness in our relationships with family, friends and significant others and it can be confusing what we should to solve the problems. We may be contemplating leaving a long-term relationship or marriage, but struggle with uncertainty causing us to vacillate over the decision. Perhaps, your family is in conflict and you would like to make changes in how you react or learn to set some boundaries that would make the relationship better for you. Individual therapy can help you with all of these problems and more.


Often times, one partner will want to get help for the relationship by going into counseling while the other may say they are not interested in going to therapy or they don’t believe in therapy. This can be very discouraging if you are the partner who wants help. You may find it beneficial to go to individual therapy as working on yourself can drastically improve the relationship for both of you. Changes you make within yourself can go a long way to improving things between you and may encourage your partner to join you in.


         * Conflicted Relationships
         * Repeatative Patterns
         * Trust Issues
         * “Should I stay or go”
         * Boundaries
         * Co-parenting issues
         * Family Problems
         * In-law Struggles
         * Passive Aggressiveness

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