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Personal Growth & Development at ChetnaMindfulness

Life is a continual journey of growth and change. The journey towards maturation continues throughout adulthood and the experiences we have along the way shape our experiences and relationships with others.


As we go through life, our relationships with others can seem to become stuck in negative patterns and efforts to change can make things worse. We may become discouraged by unfulfilled dreams or undeveloped potential. This can lead us to feel depressed, anxious or stressed by circumstances in our life that seem out of our control.

To feel better, we may develop ways of coping that become harmful to ourselves and affect our connection to the people we love. These experiences are a normal part of living and happen to all of us one time or another.


         * Healthy Self Esteem
         * Developing Social Skills
         * Creating Balance
         * Improving Communication Skills
         * Letting Go of Perfectionism
         * Finding Love and Connection
         * Nurturing Self-Care
         * Healthy Boundaries & Relationships
         * Overcoming Codependency
         * Professional Development
         * Spiritual Growth & Finding Purpose

How Therapy Can Help

In therapy, we can set goals for change, then identify ways to achieve these goals. Many times it involves changes on an emotional, social and mental processing level. You may identify old patterns of thinking that keep you from pursing positive changes or taking care of yourself. Therapy allows us the opportunity to move through life with insight and understanding of ourselves in our relation to others and our life experiences. We are able to explore the journey of life in a deeper way by becoming aware of thoughts, feelings and beliefs that occur on an unconscious level, but profoundly motivate our behavior and sabotage efforts for happiness. By doing so, we are able to integrate the various parts of ourselves allowing us to live a more authentic and genuine life. Through self-awareness, we are able to identify the right path to take that will resolve our conflicts and enable us to feel more alive and at peace.

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