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Therapy for Depression at ChetnaMindfulness

Depression is an experience of prolonged sadness and hopelessness. It can be difficult to identify within ourselves as symptoms seem to gradually build and take over our lives.


Depression can be chronic and reoccur without any known external cause or it can be a reaction to a life event that is emotionally overwhelming. Our reaction to these emotions, can cause us to become emotionally stuck or numb to our feelings altogether. When numbness occurs it is often connected to repressed emotions of sadness, hurt, grief or anger that we are not consciously aware of.

Depression can be a way of shutting down or avoiding unwanted emotions in fear that we cannot cope with them.
We can experience depression as a reaction to many hardships. Trouble in our relationships with partners or loved ones can lead to depression when we lose the sense of closeness we once had. We may become stuck in re-occurring behaviors, problems or conflicts that cause us to feel hopeless. A significant loss such as the death of a loved one, separation/divorce or a transition from one stage of life to another can cause us to feel lost and out of control leading to depression. Many of us have memories from childhood or past relationships that affect our ability to enjoy life in the present. Whatever the cause of depression, there is hope and through therapy we can find freedom from depression and start living again.


         * Feelings of sadness
         * Frequent crying spells
         * Low energy or motivation
         * Difficulty with focus/concentration
         * Loss of interest in usual activities
         * Feeling hopeless, irritable, anxious
         * Low energy or fatigue
         * Lack of appetite/ weight loss
         * Isolated and withdrawn socially
         * Feelings of worthlessness
         * Excessive feelings of guilt
         * Thoughts of harming self or suicide

How Therapy for Depression Can Help:

We will work together to identify underlying causes to your depression that are rooted in past experiences and learned behaviors. Many times, we must grieve and re-experience hard feelings that have been tucked away deep inside. We will do this together and along the way learn skills for coping and managing emotions in a healthy way that prevents you from becoming numbed out emotionally. You can find relief and we want to help on your journey to finding a happier you..

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