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The Mindful Teens

Why Mindfulness for Teens?

Adolescence is known as the period of storm and stress.
While these years of learning can be wondrous in all their change, they can also get a bit bumpy with pressure to fit in and perform well.
Academic stress, heartbreaks, strained relationship with parents and inner conflicts are common in this time and can lead to a lot of confusion and uncertainty. With one’s own identity forming, body changing and responsibilities increasing, it can be quite a chaotic phase.
Chetnamindfulness believe that some hand holding, group sharing and learning of mindfulness practices can be very settling and empowering during this phase of life.

A mindful teen is less likely to get addicted, feel disillusioned, give in to peer pressure and has more capacity to tide through the several difficulties that are just a part of growing up.With the above intention Chetnamindfulness have commenced these sessions.

Mindfulness is not just a practice; it is a way of living a positive and wholesome life. Learning mindfulness at a younger age can have a huge advantage. Often most difficulties faced by adults have their seeds sown well in the early years of life- years when there was little guidance to work with conflicts and turmoil’s. The turmoil’s can appear most manifest in teens. The teenage years-the wonder years are the ones of so much growth!
Teenage years are formative years of really understanding who you are, what you like, what you want to be and who will you idolize and keep company with. It is no wonder then that it is slowly becoming a part of the curriculum of several western schools and even business schools like Havard and corporate giants like Google etc.

About The Mindful Teen Sessions:

         * Experiential and practical sessions
         * A combination of concepts and practice
         * Application of mindfulness in daily life
         * Sharing and practicing within a group
         * Opportunity to share and learn more personally with a mindful trainer
         * Journaling and reflection during the week

Topics Covered:

         * Meaning of mindfulness.
         * The brain and mindfulness
         * Breath Meditation
         * Applying mindfulness to everyday life
         * Mindfulness of the Body
         * Walking Meditation
         * Gratitude and compassion practices
         * Mindfulness applied to difficulties that adolescents face
         * Dealing with emotions mindfully

What to expect from these sessions?

         * Learning how to manage the mind
         * How to deal with feelings, thoughts and over thinking
         * How to relax
         * How to relax without fighting thoughts
         * How to build concentration without fighting with the mind
         * Managing pressure and conflicting expectations, peer interaction
         * getting a better understanding of oneself
         * Space to freely talk and share issues in the company of other teens who are going through the same thing
         * questions about puberty and related changes


Age group: 13-17 years; Ability to understand English

Use the link for an Registration request, after which we will send you the details through email.

Course Duration: 8 Weeks

Course Fees

* ₹: 23000/- (INR.)

We will Inform you the dates & timings for the above course shortly.

* If you wish to join this course and can not afford the course fee, Please get in touch with us. We will try our best to accomodate you, as we deeply wish for more and more people to join to learn this course.