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Building Connection: MINDFUL COUPLE

This mindfulness program for couples is created with the aim of helping couples bring more connection and presence to their relationship, through mindfulness practices.

Mindfulness is a practice that helps to stay present to life, and away from constant habitual reactivity and distractibility of your own mind. In its deepest essence, it is also a practice of the heart- a practice of kindness, compassion and openness. It is a useful practice for personal growth and lends itself beautifully to being shared with your partner and family.

As psychologists and mindfulness practitioners, we see where mindfulness can play a very important part in our homes, relationships and interactions. Living with stresses of work, city life, and unending social commitments, individuals today find it difficult to listen in true sense, understand, forgive, appreciate and cherish their partners at times.

Often little things add up slowly to big fights or an emotional disconnection from each other. People in relationships often complain about so many things like lack of attention from their spouse, not having enough time, lack of demonstration of affection, dwindling physical intimacy, a lack of loving feelings or feelings of loneliness. Going through this kind of a struggle for years can lead to a breakdown of relationship, at times ending in separation or living with the bitterness and resentment of leading silent, separate lives.

Mindfulness here comes as a great benefit to the wounds of feeling unheard, unloved, unappreciated and criticized. Learning the art of mindfulness in relationships can help transform conflict and emotional distance into connection, friendship and deeper intimacy.
Our program is created keeping in mind the needs of relationship in today’s time and providing useful mindfulness practices that people can do individually and as a couple.

How Can Mindfulness Help Your Relationship?
Practising mindfulness…

Children learn more while experiencing rather than just listening to the concept. Hence sessions with children are more activity based and involve mindfulness based movement, art, mindfulness games, experiential activities etc. For instance – present moment awareness can be taught using the 5 senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight; breath meditation can be taught by helping them count along or by keeping a favourite toy with them to help them concentrate. Concepts would be activities based and real time observations rather than through a lecture format.

         * Inculcates a sense of empathy to understand each other’s feeling and perspectives.
         * Creates deeper emotional connect.
         * De-escalates conflicts.
         * Increases the fun and happiness.
         * Improves the quality of physical intimacy.
         * Leads to a deeper acceptance of each other.

Enjoy this wonderful program which will take you on a mindfulness journey of sharing and receiving consciously from each other and truly learn how to bring tenderness, warmth and gentleness to your daily interactions.

         * Quality time and undivided attention for each other
         * A gadget-free space to take a break from the daily commitments
         * An opportunity to get to know and understand each other better
         * Creating a space for private sharing and growth
         * A program filled with experiences and sharing

What Will You Learn from This PROGRAM?

         * Introduction to Mindfulness
         * Basic mindfulness meditation
         * The art of paying attention wisely
         * Mindful Communication – The way to deep listening and mindful speech
         * Tools to address conflicts and difficulty
         * Mindfulness skills to build intimacy, love and compassion
         * Couple Meditations for your daily practice

Use the link for an Registration request, after which we will send you the details through email.

Course Duration: 8 Weeks

Course Fees

* ₹: 23000/- (INR.)

We will Inform you the dates & timings for the above course shortly.

* If you wish to join this course and can not afford the course fee, Please get in touch with us. We will try our best to accomodate you, as we deeply wish for more and more people to join to learn this course.