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Individual Therapy at ChetnaMindfulness

Are you dealing with a personal struggle and need some help finding your way?


If you are going though something pretty tough and looking for a way out. Perhaps, you are unhappy, frustrated or stuck in a relationship that is not meeting your needs or has become riddled with conflict.


It can feel nearly impossible to sort through the conflicting emotions and thoughts bouncing around in your head. You may find yourself feeling down, or anxiety and feel stressed by circumstances in your life that seem out of our control. Sometimes difficulties can come when we least expected it.

You may be feeling sad and anxious after the birth of your child or a move to a new place. Perhaps, you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, job or life dream. When experiencing pain and loss, you can easily lose your way and become confused about how to move forward. It is normal to go through difficult times in your life, but you do not have to struggle


Relationships, Loss/Grief, Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management, Divorce/Separation, Women’s Issues, Postpartum Depression/Anxiety, Mood Disorders in Pregnancy, Transition to Motherhood, Finding Balance, Family Problems, Work Stress.


Individual Counseling is a powerful experience of self-discovery which can lead you to many of the answers to your problems and hang ups in life. The relationship between you and your therapist is unique and intimately personal. You are sharing and exploring tender parts of your inner world so naturally safety and trust are critical to this process. It is important you feel safe and accepted by your therapist. We care deeply about our clients and feel honored to be apart of the healing and transformation the therapeutic process offers. We would love to learn more about you and your situation to see how we can be of help.


While many people experience a unique journey through individual psychotherapy, there are a few truths that span each person’s journey, and are an important part of the work:

    * To embrace and listen to my feelings
    * To tolerate pain in order to grow
    * To like, love and care for myself
    * To learn I am powerful to change my life
    * To learn to live in the small moments
    * To bravely look at past experiences and learn
    * To grieve losses and fully move into the present moment

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