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Child Therapy at ChetnaMindfulness

we provide therapy for children in various capacities including play therapy and art with the child, family therapy with the entire family or just one parent, as well as co-parenting sessions to support the parents at home with their child.


As children grow, they face many challenges and stressful situations as a typical part of their daily lives. They often have a difficult time comprehending the nuances of their social environment. Adding that to the frustration of not understanding the emotions they are feeling can lead to maladaptive behaviors and actions. For parents, it can be difficult to determine if what our child is going through is a normal part of childhood or a bigger problem.

Kids often suppress or hide their emotions. Unable to effectively communicate what they are feeling, we will see kids acting out emotions with tantrums, complaining of unexplainable stomach pains, becoming excessively worried or experiencing irrational fears. As parents, efforts to soothe a child in distress can seem difficult and we can become easily overwhelmed and frustrated adding unfortunately to an already stressful situation.


         * Anxiety/Stress
         * Sadness/Depressed Mood
         * Excessive Fears & Worry
         * Impulsive Behaviors
         * Poor Grades/School Problems
         * Social Issues/Bullying
         * Traumatic Experiences
         * Attention Deficit
         * Grief/Loss of Loved One
         * Parent/Child Relationship Issues
         * Regressed Behaviors
         * Self-Injurious Behaviors
         * Separation/Divorce of Parents

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