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Adolescent and Teen Therapy at ChetnaMindfulness

The journey from childhood to adulthood has its ups and downs as teens navigate the many changes in cognitive, emotional and social growth.


Teenagers are trying to figure out who they are and where they belong among their peers and in society as a whole. It is a time riddled with insecurity, doubt and self-exploration. The pressures are no less than in the adult world, yet, teens can sometimes find themselves alone and isolated as they work through their problems. They may often feel alone and misunderstood by everyone.

With the social and academic demands of today’s world, many teens struggle to feel successful or even adequate to those around them. This can lead to parental concerns and increased conflicts at home when a teen falls behind or demonstrate changes in mood and behavior. Often teens will become depressed or anxious under the pressures they are experiencing. These issues may lead to isolation, acting out behaviors or self-harm gestures. It is difficult for parents to know how to manage these problems and often time efforts to intervene may seem to worsen symptoms.


         * Depression/Sadness
         * Anxiety/Stress/Worry
         * Perfectionism
         * Poor Grade/School Problems
         * Social Skills
         * Traumatic Experiences
         * Attention Deficit
         * Parent/Child Relationship Issues
         * Peer Relationships
         * Self Injury Behaviors
         * Alcohol/ Drug Use
         * Separation/Divorce of Parents

How Therapy for Teens Can Help

Therapy for adolescents may take the form of individual, group or family. The goal is to help the teen learn to cope with feelings and learn to solve problems more effectively. A nurturing therapist will use validation and acceptance to help the adolescent feel safe to explore their inter-world and process the emotional experiences they are having.

Parents are involved in the therapy to work through family conflicts and concerns about the teen’s behavior at school and home. The adolescent therapist will help the teen identify more effective social skills, better coping skills for anxiety, ADD/ADHD and depression, skills for managing stress, and how to create realistic expectations for themselves. Adolescent therapy can help teens process emotional issues and struggles they are facing and develop effective ways to manage their problems.

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